Special Edition

He’s that special edition, that is rare and hard to findHe’s that distant stranger that immediately catches your eyeHe’s the idea of the beautiful and the good Plato can’t stop talking aboutHe’s summer and spring together, he’s the unpredictable weather His mind is an universe, but he keeps most of it a secretI want to … Continue reading Special Edition


What a privilege it is To have my heart broken by you It caused you to be the protagonist In oh so many songs that I wrote You’re the core of so many poems How lucky my heart is to have fallen into a million pieces By such a beautiful destructor Your words broke my … Continue reading Privilege

What to feel?

I’m not sure how to feel, what to think and how to act I feel kind of numb, I’ve been stuck inside my head The winds of change are whispering in my ears They beg me to follow, they dry my tears I feel lonely, but this feeling ain’t new to me I feel cold, … Continue reading What to feel?

love’s a flower

she kept watering the flower, although she knew the drought had stolen its mortal life but she couldn’t help herself but reminiscing the smell, the touch and the colour of this beautiful piece of nature she poured another cup of clear spring water in the vase made of glass still believing in an arising of … Continue reading love’s a flower

love game

she looked at herself in her broken, dirty mirror she saw her own eyes staring right back at her it scared her to see the girl she had become the broken pieces in the flawed glass of reflection showed her scattered soul her eyes filled themselves with transparant drops of tears the silent sound of … Continue reading love game