Whenever you feel lost, read this

Whenever you feel lost, read this

Look at you, made out of stardust, creating magic in a casual world. Your eyes are sparkling, the curiosity they hold make them even shine brighter. Those eyes have seen more beauty than they can remember. They’re the entrance to your soul, to which many beautiful hearts have had access to already. A constellation of the most beautiful and brightest colours and a crystal clear camera to witness all the wonders of the world with.

Your mind, oh your gorgeous mind. So full of wonder, of ideas and future creations. I know how hard it is to tame it, sometimes. Your thoughts are always rushing and bumping into the walls of your skull. Leaving gaps in your consciousness, stealing the present moment away from you. But how beautiful it is to have all this space for thinking. Imagination is such a fascinating thing, in which everything becomes possible and possibility becomes limitless. The mind is so powerful and so mystical. You can fill it up however you like, with whatever you want. It’s never too late to stuff it with wonder, love and awe. It’s never too late to banish these toxic thoughts and these poisonous habits. It only takes some time, but I believe one day you’ll be able to turn all the patterns around. You’ll be able to be free.

“The magic is already in us, we just have to find it”

There’s this library in your head, full of fading, but everlasting memories and beautiful strings of words. Words from loved ones, from kind strangers on crossed roads, as well as astonishing lyrics from beautiful hearts that turned a little bit too cold in the end. Ancient wisdom, universal awareness and self-knowledge are stored in this box not yet fully explored. A whole lifetime awaits for you to discover some deepest truths about yourself and the world around you. Humankind is still so unaware of all the potential it holds. There are still lots of rainbows to follow and stacks of gold to be found.

So many beautiful memories are yet to be made. So many artworks are yet to be created and to be witnessed by the searching eyes of the public. So many poetry awaits to be read and to inspire other hearts to love life a little more. There are lips left to kiss and hearts left to love. There are strangers to inspire and so many falling stars to wish upon.

How beautiful it is to be this alive and to be this free. Your heart’s so wild and your mind’s so open. Ready to receive all that the universe has in store for you. It’s going to be beautiful, I promise. Every step of the way will hold a beautiful lesson and will help you to reach your full potential.

Yes, life is hard, unawakened souls can be toxic and unrequited love can rip off all the layers of your heart. I’ve been in places darker than the night sky, colder than a stone buried in the deepest ocean. But I’ve learned one thing during this process of healing and growing. Life is way too valuable to ignore all the magic that is around you.


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