INFPs: dreamy idealists in a world of practical realists

INFPs: dreamy idealists in a world of practical realists

We are INFPs, dreamy idealists in a world of practical realists. We are walking contradictions, hopeless romantics and limitless dreamers. We’re fighting a silent war with the world, that we admire so dearly, as we’re trying to find our way through the maze of life.

Body, Spirit & Soul.

We are endless wanderers, unable to find stillness or a reason to settle down. We’re adventurous with a wanderlust heart. There’s no place we call home, although we crave for a sanctuary, but this we won’t ever admit. We’re haunted by a hunger for the unknown, but we’ll be always longing for the familiar.

We are sentimental and emotional. Sensitive, but numb. We’re either overly obsessed or completely unattached, disconnected or tied. There is no mean, no in between. It’s all or nothing. We’re either tired or full of life, way too lazy or overproductive. We see the beauty in everything, but we see the ugly too.

We’re no stranger to sentimentality or melancholy, we slowly accept that the nature of life is both beautiful and sad. Life is fragile, but special, full of authentic moments that pass away way too quickly. We get lost in our memories, praying for the past to come back. We hold on and hang on, to moments and people we should let go of. Our lives are bittersweet, but we love the taste of it, although it can bite our tongues…

We are anxious, but courageous. Prone to depression and anxiety, but able to enjoy the smallest of things in life. We wear traumas on our sleeves and carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Since childhood we have had a hard time sleeping; demons come to visit our dreams way too often. And it’s funny, that through time we’ve built a friendship with insomnia. We accept the night when it brings us creativity and magic and the moon keeps us company.


We’re loners, but we are upset about feeling lonely. We crave for love, but we are unwilling to fully open up and there’s a fear to settle. We love everyone, but no one. Sometimes we fall in love in the blink of an eye. We deeply believe in love at first sight, although this kinda adoration is toxic to our souls. We let people use us, mistreat us, but we accept this in the name of love. In a way we’re addicted to the highs and lows, the rollercoaster of an impossible love. It tears us apart, leaves our hearts into a million little pieces, but it brings us art, which is most precious to us.

We’re forever praying for the right one to come along. Waiting for our soulmate, that one person that matches the ideal in our head. Although, in the back of our minds, we’re well aware, this person doesn’t exist. We do have this bad habit of falling in love with fantasies, but don’t know how to help ourselves. We got so used to these disappointments and high (false) hopes. We don’t know any different.

We’re not feeling good enough, but we’re feeling superior. We love ourselves and take care of our body and our spirit, but we are bad at controlling our minds. We deeply care about the people around us, about the people we know and the people that are strangers. But we can be selfish at times, where we need to save ourselves. Self-love becomes a priority and we damage relationships.

Art & Beauty.

We love aesthetics, art and authenticity. We’re idealists at heart and the truest of artists. Way too often we get lost in beautiful things, like music, poetry and paintings. Art gives meaning to our lives, it gives us a purpose and helps us to stay sane in times of madness. Through art we express, reflect and find our own truth. We learn to understand ourselves, the people and the world around us. As we go, we try to beat our own ignorance and flaws, to become the most literal, authentic version of ourselves. We want to make our minds as beautiful as sunset and as rich as history.

We are creative, but clueless. Artists, with a lack of inspiration. We’re writers, but forever lost in translation. We’re endlessly contemplating, trying to write our own story, a little bit different from the rest. Begging language to put the right words on paper, that match the shades and atmospheres in our head. We’ve got all these ideas; too many of them occupy our minds. Because of this, we get overwhelmed as soon as we wake up, as we easily drown in the endless possibilities in life. We get restless and nervous, because we want to achieve and perform it all. We stay perfectionists, as we learn how to live in imperfection and stumble on reality.

We are spiritual and do believe the universe is guiding us. We have a deep fate rooted in us, that provides us with hope in times of need and in poorness of soul. We have a strong love for philosophy, for theories and ideas, explanations and revelations. We endlessly philosophise throughout the day, as we daydream and the hours drift away swiftly. We tell ourselves everything happens for a reason, although sometimes we question if this is true. We genuinely try to believe in fate, because this gives us a little more peace; something to hold on to, when life weights us down and robs us from all logic.


We own strong morals and values and we are willing to fight for whatever we believe in. We think all beings are equal and all lives share the same value. No one deserves it to be treated as if they were less. We speak for the voiceless, help the blind to see and the deaf to hear. The truth is our force, as we fight the unjust. Because, we feel that we know what’s inherently wrong and what’s truly right. This is our intuition telling us which road to take, which path to follow. We try to live the best life we can, according to our morals, the rules of society – to an extent and to which we agree on – and our beliefs. We aren’t rebels, but we do start revolutions. We’re aren’t natural born leaders, but definitely not made to follow. We pray for a better world and try to contribute as much as possible, as we help to bring magic to the casual.

We know life is beautiful, in ways unexplainable and we should enjoy the journey, while it lasts. Appreciate the light and the dark, the storms and the landslides, the present and the past, the sunset and sunrise.

9 thoughts on “INFPs: dreamy idealists in a world of practical realists

  1. I am an INFP but life has caused me to mature, so now I am able to function well outside of my preferences. Meyers-Brigg tells us our preferences, and on a sliding scale, so any two people with the same preferences will not be the same. Our journey through life should enable us to cope in situations that we would not choose. My career has put me in roles I do not prefer. So maturity is coping well outside of our comfort zone.

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  2. Also I’m pretty sure I used this very same featured image in one of my recent posts, where the girl is our in a field looking up at butterflies and stars. That girl is definitely an INFP


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