5 Small Things That Keep Me Grounded (In A Busy World)

A messy mind in a busy world

Whenever I get busy, the world around me seem to move in acceleration and I feel like I can’t keep up anymore. I get overwhelmed easily and I feel the stresshormones spreading through my body as soon as I wake up. My vision gets a bit blurry and my mind’s an uncluttered collection of to-do-lists, unprocessed feelings and flashes of the past. I need little routines and small things I can hold on to, to keep me sane and grounded. Here are a few of them.

1. Make my bed & tidy up my room

A small task like making my bed helps me to create a sense of calm. When you get home after a long day it feels better to lay down in a bed that invites you in and which is clean and cosy, instead of laying down in one that looks messy and dirty. A bed is a sacred place. A reststop from your tiring day. It needs to be a place wherein you feel safe and warm; a place you can fully relax in, while you process your day and make yourself ready to recharge.

Tidying up my room, cleaning it and organising my material stuff is one of my favourite things to do. But, I must admit, at times when I have trouble moving my body, I tend to procastinate it. Anyhow, I’m convinced that a clean, organised room equals a calm, structured mind. Also a room that holds a certain colour pattern creates a peaceful environment. For me, white, beige and pastels do the work. I love to have symmetry, unity and cohesion.

2. Watch movies & listen to new music

My commute is long and exhausting. I travel four hours a day. It can be hard to stop yourself from wandering and overthinking during your journey and to tame the demons in your brain. Sometimes I read on the train, other times I just stare out of the window and time goes by slowly. But time is swift whenever I get lost in newly discovered songs or immersive movies.

I’m a sucker for romance, for certain atmospheres and stories. I love to get lost in a different universe and lose all sense of time. Reality can be unkind at times and art forms, like music and film, make it possible to escape life for a while. I forget my own existence and dissolve. Oh, how powerful this is and how beautiful it is to let go of worries for a little while and step outside.

3. Collecting quotes & images

It might sound a bit silly but quotes, poetry and photographs can really help me grounding. Whenever I feel sad, heartbroken or lost, I wander through poetry, through lines well written and dreamy photographs well taken. How I love the world of words and imagery, that is separate from this world we’re in. Here, the casual turns into magic and reality gets questioned.

Quotes and poetry have a way of making you feel less alone. People don’t really talk, but a lot of them write. They communicate personally in a rather impersonal way. But through this it becomes clear none of us is alone in whatever we’re feeling, experiencing or thinking. And that… that is comforting and beautiful for sure.

Images and photographes have a way of showing you the world. They give you a glimpse of all that is possible. They produce hopes and dreams and a desire for the unknown. I love that. Sometimes, I feel like I’m made of my dreams and hope is my oxygen.

4. Little ways of self-improvement

Self-help books got a bit of a bad name, but I don’t mind. A lot of those books have helped me find myself in a time where losing myself was all I did. Whenever I get busy I forget to take care of myself and I tend to lose my identity. So focusing on my own person and encouraging my self-improvement really helps me staying grounded. The more you read about people and about the world, the more you discover about yourself. By this you’ll learn about the art of living. It’s a skill not a lot of people posses: how to live in the right and happiest way.

Yoga helps me to release the tension from my body. Sitting in a chair behind a screen doesn’t do your body any good. I notice how tense my muscles are and how much my body aches at the end of the day. At times I feel it screaming for salvation. Luckily there are plenty of ways to release the stress through yoga exercises. A restful body results in a quieter mind, after all.

I try to picture a version of myself I’m longing to be and every day I’m working towards this image. I think it’s important to acknowledges the good AND the bad sides of your personality, the positive AND the negative thoughts that rush through your head each day. In my opion, you should constantly work towards a better version of yourself and be aware of your motives and patterns, your Achilles heels and stumbling stones.

5. Practice gratitude

It’s so easy, especially in times of chaos, to forget what it is that you’re doing. Where you came from, where you’re going and how much it took to get where you are right now. We forget to be grateful for the chances we’ve been given, for the people we’ve met and the seas we’ve crossed. Sometimes I catch myself not appreciating all that I have and all that I’ve achieved. I need to remind myself of my strengths, my growth and all the things I am grateful for. I’m so blessed at this moment, but my exhaustion is getting the best of me and makes me forgetful about the things that are most important. Writing down the things you’re grateful for each day will keep you in a happy state, without a doubt.

Being calm in busy times is a hard thing to do. But I think having little routines and small things to hold on to will help you to stay grounded, like it does to me. Please share your ‘ways’ of keeping yourself grounded and stay well. ♡

Much love,

Celeste Liberty


6 thoughts on “5 Small Things That Keep Me Grounded (In A Busy World)

  1. I like to listen to my favourite album and physically put my feet on bare earth/grass- I find literal grouding really helps. Looking at the clouds go by and taking in the vastness of the sky is another thing I like to do when I need some chill out time.

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