London, my beloved

6 thoughts on “London, my beloved”

  1. Sir Winston Churchill once said, “He who becomes bored with London is obviously bored with life.”

    I’ve only visited London and the British Isles 3 times in my life, but the place created such an impact on my mind and memory that all 3 of those visits stand out in my mind as if they happened only yesterday.

    It created such an impact on me, that most of the major action in the vampire novels I write occurs in London.

    It too is a place I long to visit again.

    Along with Paris which is a place I hope to visit someday for the first time.

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  3. Well, most of my country is torn apart by xenophobia right now, but hopefully there is something left of this shithole for me to mildly relate to the beauty you see in the places you’ve lived in. Right now, I can just reminisce about the guy I saw burn to death a few hours ago. Lol.


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