I didn’t realise how far gone I was, how I lost myself, until I found little pieces of myself back again in places I hadn’t been for a long time. I found parts in the mirror on my wardrobe, in lyrics of the songs that I once wrote, in the laughter of my family and in the sweet familiar smell of home. I thought if i’d leave my comfortzone for a while, i’d discover a different side of life; maybe i’d become the person I was striving to be, for a long, long time. Not knowing, all the bits and pieces I tried to trade for the unknown and unfamiliar left me empty, left me hallow. I became nothing but an empty shell, yet still full of broken dreams but with a heart that had been bleeding out. A ribcage collapsing, a pair of lungs heavily breathing, two empty blue eyes staring into nothingness and my hands still reaching out for something I will never hold (again).

16 thoughts on “L.o.s.t.m.y.s.e.l.f.

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