Our Love Story

Our love story: So brutally broken, so beautifully written

We burned so bright, but our light dimmed so swiftly
Like a candle in the wind, we faded, like a raindrop in the ocean, we dissolved, in the crowd again, after a short amount of time

We walk among the people in the busy streets, for now we are strangers again,
moving on with our busy lives, as if nothing ever happened

I’m finding comfort in gazing at the citylights, although their light intensity doesn’t even come close to the brightness of your eyes

I try not to reminisce the weight of your lips, on my cherry coloured lipstick, but it’s a hard thing to do, because the first time we kissed gave me a chill I never knew, before you

Your beauty is just celestial, you should be entitled with my name, take it from me, I don’t want it anymore, my reputation is polluted by sadness and shame

The thing is, I’d love her too if I were you; she’s so gorgeous, intelligent and sweet and then there’s me – I don’t blame you for it

Only, here I am: grieving, because a heartbreak feels like a deathbed, although I know I’ll rise like a phoenix again, I just don’t know yet when

5 thoughts on “Our Love Story

  1. The written structure you’ve worked with is aesthetic and really pleasing to the eyes.
    Of course, your words only enhance to the overall beauty of this bittersweet poem.
    It’s obvious writing is something you’ve got a gift for. Keep up the good work, Celeste ❤.

    Liked by 1 person

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