Special Edition

He’s that special edition, that is rare and hard to find
He’s that distant stranger that immediately catches your eye
He’s the idea of the beautiful and the good Plato can’t stop talking about
He’s summer and spring together, he’s the unpredictable weather

His mind is an universe, but he keeps most of it a secret
I want to get lost in his milkaway of thoughts, I want to be able to unravel his feelings
I don’t want him to stay if he’s not planning on staying
But he’s always welcome in my heart if he needs a rest from his path
to eternity, to greatness
He knows he’s unlimited and he makes the world spinning in a way that’s unusual
He has a way of stopping time and bringing magic to the casual

His lines sound like lyrics and his voice sounds like a melody
Mortal creatures envy his appearance of eternal beauty
But none of them will be able to even come close
To the atmosphere that surrounds him, to the energy he raises from the inside out

God, I try to keep my distance long and wide
Because something that is so hard to find
Is so easy to lose as well

So every little moment that I spend with this fraction of perfection
Is one I’ll try to cherish in the present
A present that he makes feel like a forever


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