Find A Way

16 thoughts on “Find A Way”

  1. The battle to overcome depression and melancholy is a long and hard one.

    It is most definitely living one day at a time in the truest sense of that expression.

    And finding joy in simple pleasures to help one along.

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    1. It really is. Everytime you think you might have been cured, it comes back again.. even harder sometimes.

      And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Just to take it one day at the time and not looking much futher ahead, because it only causes anxiety… And enjoying the little things is something I learned to do along the way, for which I’m grateful

      Take care xxx

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  2. I agree Celeste.
    “Maybe acceptance was the key
    Accepting that life was both full of joy and misery
    But doing is harder than thinking
    Dreaming is easier than acting ”
    Perfect lines above. A amazing poem.


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