City Sadness

7 thoughts on “City Sadness”

  1. I’ve always felt out of place in my own life, and this bothers me. However, on my first overseas trip to a strange new city, I felt out of place in a way that was liberating. Perhaps because I knew that I didn’t really belong there, it was freeing in a way? I don’t know. But I liked it a lot. Nice write, Celeste. 🙂

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  2. You know, I’ve always felt the same way, especially when stuck in traffic.
    Feeling of being lost and lonely even among an ocean of people scrambling all around. I wonder what it’d be like to place myself in the shoes of a stranger and see what they’re up to, what everyone is so busy in and if they have the same thoughts as I do.
    In a way, you’ve penned down my thoughts in a wonderful way. I now know that there are other’s who feel the same as I do. Thank you for writing, Celeste ❤.

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    1. It really keeps you wondering indeed. But I guess every one, or at least some people, will feel this exact same way. Just no one seems to really talk about issues like that. People pretend and show this perfect image of themselves to the outside world, which is such a shame..
      And thank you so much for showing your appreciation, I really value that xxx

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      1. I’ve always said that too. Talking about your feelings openly is now viewed as being ‘overly sensitive’ and a sign of weakness. People are discouraged from revealing their true selves. At this rate, we’ll just forget how to feel anything at all.


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