Bright Eyes

You, with your bright eyes, your smile lights up the darkest winter days

Your jokes and your laughter, makes me forget about the weight of life, for a while

You’re heavy hearted, just like me

You feel everything stronger, deeper, more intensely

You’re like a version of me, only more pure and younger

You’re full of curiosity, full of life, full of wonder

Let by a belief, that’s hard to disagree with

Guided by a light, shining through the ceiling

Your heart is golden, just like the colours in your hair

You smell like the city, I breathe in the cold of the air

Your sweater is soft, just like the touch of your hand

You love me so much, you became my best friend

But you’re afraid of time, of the passing of the days

You drag me down with you and I know it’s me to blame

I’m sorry for being so selfish and stubborn

For following my dreams and move to London

I know it hurts you, like it hurts me the same

But I really have to go, you know I can’t stay

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