Solar Storms and Mental Storms

Yesterday I felt a little off, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Restless and exhausted,  anxious and panicking. My thoughts were racing, faster and faster. I was feeling nauseous, dizzy and actually just really sick. I went from super excited and motivated to feeling worn out and weary. It was like falling of a cliff, landing into the water and drowning. And I can say, it was quite some time ago I felt exactly this same way.

But maybe there is a reason I felt out of place, not comfortable in my own skin. Maybe it was a factor that was out of my control, causing this. Yesterday it caught my eye that a huge solar storm was happening, yesterday, September 11th and today, September 12th and today I read a piece about the belief that solar storms can affect ones emotional health and consciousness. Even some scientific studies confirm the link between solar activity and our physical and emotional states. Quite interesting, right?

A solar storm is a massive explosion in the atmosphere of the sun and it releases approximately 6 x 1025 J of energy. It affects every single layer of the solar atmosphere, so it’s pretty intense. There’s a lot more to say about it, but I don’t have enough knowledge about the subject, unfortunately, to talk about it in facts. However, several studies claim that there would be a direct connection between those solar storms and our biological functions. Because, just like the earth has a magnetic field, humans and animals have a magnetic field too, and this field is affected by the electromagnetic activity of the sun. So when this sun’s activity changes, it affects our magnetic field, which causes huge changes in our body, soul and mind. We are affected physically, mentally and emotionally. This crazy change in the body and mind only last for a short amount of time. Some physical and mental symptoms that can be experienced are: anxiety and irritability, headaches, lack of sleep, intense dreams or nightmares, low energy, feeling ungrounded, fatigue, mood swings, general malaise, palpitations, along with strange physical sensations and an oversensitivity for the environment you are in. It is also said that our pineal gland, our symbolic third eye, is reacting strongly to the energy shift, which causes the gland to produce too much melatonine, which makes you feel extremely tired and increases the urge to sleep.

It may be strange to think that this explains why I am feeling this odd, or it may be just the only explanation. Today I feel the same way as I did yesterday. Restless, exhausted and unable to grasp what’s wrong. I hate to feel this way, but I can’t help myself. I just have to tell myself, this won’t last forever…

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring. Because storms will always pass, won’t they?


Source:, last consulted on September 12th.

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