15 thoughts on “Believe”

  1. The universe likely is determined and yet the outcome is not revealed to us so it seems worthwhile to pursue it if for no other reason than curiosity. If as you suggest the outcome is certain to be good, then how is it worth living? Even a chess player finds that when its forgone that he’s going to win that there is no point in continuing the game? How is the game of life any different?

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      1. That’s ok hun, people can’t force themselves to feel anything. Maybe they should feel it but they never really do. And if they do they only become genuine fakes! 😊


  2. Then what am I waiting for? I shall go at once, draw up my sword and step though the interdimensional gate summoned by my own will. In this new land everything I try for will be achieved and I will accomplish every idealism I can dream up. In fact I will choose lose what makes be human as I grow so powerful I destroy the universe itself, I will lose a sense of time as I rip apart its fabric with my very mind, and finally I will be so overconsumed by my own power reality itself will not allow for me to exist. Wishing for greed, swimming in fate, and trying to rationalize or idealize your thoughts is by far a non-human task. So draw your sword once again and go chop up some lettuce, or rather go find a real use for this sword that is within a human’s realm of understanding. We are not gods, we are all stupid ants, accept your fate as that and then you can accomplish something useful.


  3. Both of you are incorrect. While everything with physical properties is predetermined every particle has the opportunity to interact, whether it be through a field or chain reaction, with any other given particle. Magic does not exist however that is not to say that finishing the chess game even though you have no magic spell will do you any good, doing this may allow you to slowly, over time ware down your opponent. One cannot say that everything has no value or that the value of an event is unreasonably large. People, at times, give to much value to concepts such as love and dreams blinding them to the true universal determinate, Logic. If we are to truly grasp the idea of realism then we must be realistic in our approach towards reality. <—– see what I did there.


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